Alternative romantic holiday accommodation

While going for a romantic weekend to a country hotel is all very well, we can think of some much more romantic accommodation that will give you that extra cosy factor. Here are a few ideas of perfect places where you can hideaway, snuggle up and relax.

Tree houses
Even just the look of tree houses makes you think of a cuddly warm nest high up in the tree tops. These days tree houses are not just wooden boxes nailed to the trunk of a tree but luxurious canopy havens complete with bedrooms, lounges and kitchens. There are many tree houses hidden all over the country. Some good ones to try are the luxurious tree house for two at Harptree Court near Bath or Bryn Meurig Bach treehouses in Powys, Wales.

Gypsy caravans
What could be more romantic than sleeping in a traditional Romany gypsy caravan with ornately carved windows and doors and mystical drapes and oriental rugs? For a touch of quirky magical romance these could be your ideal place. For some unique and traditional gypsy roulottes check out the Roulotte Retreat on the Scottish Borders or Rosie the Gypsy Caravan at the Old Forge in Dorset.

Traditional Mongolian yurts are the new thing when it comes to glamping. These large tents often come complete with proper beds, comfy cushions, rugs and even small kitchen units and bathrooms! What’s more, yurts are not just for summer, with their own heated stoves, you can snuggle up in a yurt at any time of year. These exotic tents will provide the perfect setting for a romantic break. For a truly deluxe yurt experience, stay at the Trossachs Yurts in Stirling. Or for yurt living with a real eco feel, try Chestnut Place in Adhurst Wood, Hampshire.

Next time you’re after somewhere for a romantic getaway weekend or even an alternative honeymoon suite then why not think outside the box and see what hidden treasures you can find in the British countryside?


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